People of the Lusitania

group photo of crew in uniform on the deck of the Lusitania

Victualling crew on the deck of Lusitania in New York, c1910. Image courtesy of Norma Ross (granddaughter of Bar Keeper Henry Ross who perished in the sinking).

Coming soon!

Find out more about all of the 1962 people on board the Lusitania’s final voyage in this unique resource.

The result of years of research by Lusitania historian and biographer Peter Kelly, People of the Lusitania will be launched in the new exhibition Lusitania: life, loss, legacy when it opens on 27 March 2015.

You will also be able to use the resource on this page of the exhibition website.

People of the Lusitania will allow you to:

  • Find out the fate of all 696 crew and 1266 passengers on board the Lusitania's last voyage.
  • Compare the survival outcomes for different types of people on board.
  • See how the Lusitania disaster affected Liverpool in a map showing where the crew lived.
  • Read detailed biographies for the crew and see photographs of them, where available.

People of the Lusitania is a developing resource, which will be launched with biographies for the crew. Passenger biographies will be added over the coming weeks.

We are also interested in any new information and images that you would like to contribute. If you have anything to add to this resource then please email our curator: