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James Sikking

James Sikking

About James

James Sikking was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, on the 17th June 1891, the son of John and Catherine Sikking.  The family home was at 13. Boswell Street, Bootle, Liverpool.

James was a professional seaman in the British Mercantile Marine, and served on board the Lusitania as an able seaman in the Deck Department when she sailed from Liverpool to New York on the 17th April 1915.  Having successfully completed this voyage, he was again on board when she departed from Pier 54 in New York harbour on the 1st May 1915 on her homeward journey.

He survived her torpedoing and sinking when she was six days out of New York and only hours away from her home port, off the coast of southern Ireland.  He was rescued from the sea and having been landed at Queenstown, he eventually made his way back to Liverpool.

James continued to serve on a variety of ocean-going vessels following his survival, and in 1921, filed a Declaration of Intention to become a citizen of the United States of America, but it is not known if he ever completed the process.

What is known is that James Sikking was killed as a result of injuries he sustained in a fall from a silo on a construction site in Buddigower, Wyalong West, New South Wales, Australia, in May 1927.  He was aged 35 years, and was buried in a local cemetery on the 17th May 1927.

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James Sikking



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