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Joseph Duncan

Joseph Duncan

About Joseph

Joseph Duncan lived at Ryley's Castle, Parkgate, Cheshire, England and he served as an assistant steward in the Stewards' Department on board the Lusitania.

Although Cunard records show his rank as assistant steward, an article about him in The Birkenhead News and Advertiser for 15th May 1915 stated that he was a cook on board ship and had made about seven trips.

The newspaper article continued: -

He was assisting to lower a boat when he was knocked overboard.  He succeeded in scrambling into a boat but was subsequently washed over again on account of the boat capsizing.  Many of the occupants were drowned as a result of this second disaster but Mr. Duncan was picked up by a steamer and taken ashore.

Birkenhead News, Cunard Records, PRO BT 100/345.

Joseph Duncan



Age at time of sailing:

Address at time of sailing:
Ryley's Castle, Parkgate
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