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John Kennedy

John Kennedy

About John

John Kennedy was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1898.  He lived at 40, Dane Street, Liverpool.

He engaged as Extra Fourth Baker in the Stewards’ Department on the Lusitania at Liverpool, on 12th April 1915, at a monthly wage of £3-15s-0d., (£3.75p.) and left Liverpool on board, when she sailed out of the Mersey on 17th April 1915.

Although he survived the sinking of the liner three weeks later and was paid off on his return to Liverpool, some confusion obviously arose about this survival as he was erroneously listed as missing.

However, on 20th September 1915 the Registrar General at the Record Office of Shipping and Seamen at Tower Hill, London wrote the following letter to The Superintendent, Mercantile Marine Office, Liverpool: -

As it appears that Jas. Kennedy is alive, the list C + D will require amendment.  Sheet No. 37 is therefore returned for that purpose.

John Kennedy is listed in one Cunard crew ledger as Jno (sic) or Jas. Kennedy, but in another, his signature clearly shows his forename to be John.

However, a copy of the letter from Tower Hill can not have been sent to Cunard as Baker Kennedy was still listed as having been killed, in an official list published by the company on 1st March 1916, although he had clearly survived!

Fourth Baker Fred Cooper, who also survived the Lusitania’s sinking, lived next door to Fourth Baker Cooper, at 38 Dane Street.

Cunard Records, PRO BT 100/345.

John Kennedy



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40, Dane Street, Liverpool
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