Beatles gold disc transcript

This transcript accompanies the 'Beatles gold disc' short film from the Seized! gallery.

Probably the most famous sons of Liverpool, The Beatles were arguably the most influential music group of all time.

The Beatles hit America in 1964 and after a whirlwind tour and appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show, record sales exploded.

This gold disc was one of 10 presented to The Beatles by Capital Records of America in 1964. It celebrated the sale of 1million records for 'A Hard Day's Night'.

The discs were then sent to London Docks, but it appears that no-one was expecting them.

The gold discs were not properly declared to Customs and remained in their control for 37 years. When this was realised by the Apple Corporation Limited, a declaration form was completed and the discs were finally released in May 2002.

To mark these unusual events The Beatles donated 2 discs to the Revenue and Customs museum.

gold record in presentation frame