Alaskan grey wolf

Endangered species

wolf's head and neck, mounted as a wall display

The Alaskan (or Rocky Mountain wolf) is a subspecies of the grey wolf, which can be found in much of western Canada and Alaska.

This head and neck of an adult wolf specimen arrived in the UK through Tilbury Docks near Gravesend on the Thames. It was prepared in Alaska and shipped into Tilbury where it was seized by Customs and Excise.

The Alaskan grey wolf is a protected animal and any trade is illegal without a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate. However, legal shooting and trapping of wolves occurs throughout Alaska, with up to 20% of the population being culled every year.

This exhibit is currently in the endangered species display, which shows how customs officers attempt to prevent the trade in these protected animals. Other endangered species in the collections include coral, a huge elephant tusk, an alligator handbag and a pickled infant cobra.

Learn more about wolves on the International Wolf Centre website.

Accession number CENM 2000.640