Lethal knives

Seized weapons

knife with a serrated blade and a knuckleduster handle

In the UK carrying offensive weapons like these knives is illegal. Punishment can be a fine and up to 4 years in prison.

These knives were brought in to the country through Manchester Airport. They were hidden within the personal effects of a group of young men returning from USA. Faced with the threat of arrest, the knives were given up to Customs Officers.

There are a number of other ways which illegal weapons come in to the country. Many have been discovered in international parcel depots, or concealed within personal and household effects.

There were over 750 homicides in England and Wales in 2005/6. More than 200 of these were caused by a pointed instrument.

large crescent shaped fighting knife

Accession numbers CENM2002.91 (crescent knife) and CENM2002.92 (small knife with knuckleduster handle)