Albert Einstein's landing card

The museum recently acquired this landing card marking Albert Einstein's visit to England in May 1933. It went on temporary display from 10 May 2011.

official immigration landing card with Einstein's details written on

Landing cards were completed by all passengers arriving in Britain. This card marks Albert Einstein's arrival at Dover on 26 May 1933 from Ostende, Belgium. He states his occupation as professor and nationality Swiss. On the reverse he states to immigration officers he is bound for Oxford.

Portrait of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein during his stay in Oxford in 1933. © Senior Common Room, Christ Church, Oxford

Einstein, the scientist

Einstein's discoveries in physics changed the way we look at the world. His theories of special and general relativity (1905 and 1916) were groundbreaking. A worldwide reputation was recognised by a Nobel Prize for his contribution to science in 1921.

He held the respected position of professor at the Prussian Academy of Science in Berlin, Germany from 1914.

Escape from Nazi Germany

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