Shackleton's last expedition

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Sir Ernest Shackleton, the great polar explorer, led a number of expeditions to the Antarctic from 1909.

This official document, a Master's Declaration, announces the outward journey of Shackleton's last, and ill-fated, expedition in 1921 on board his vessel 'Quest'. The form declares him as the ship's master with a crew of 18, bound for the Antarctic.

The document was completed and signed by Shackleton's agent Frank Worsley and handed in to the Custom House London on 16 September 1921. Sadly, Ernest Shackleton did not reach the Antarctic but died of a heart attack on South Georgia Island in January 1922.

You can find out more about one of Shackleton's earlier expeditions in the web pages for the former exhibition Endurance: Shackleton's Antarctic adventure, which was at Merseyside Maritime Museum in 2010.

This document is not currently on display.

Accession number CENM1996.1066.1