Casting pattern for the Titanic's porthole frames

Metal casting pattern for porthole, in 2 pieces

Two sides of a casting pattern used by Thomas Utley & Company, brass founders of Stoneycroft, Liverpool, to make Titanic's porthole, or sidelight, frames.

Utley's were one of the leading maritime brass founders, having also produced sidelights for Lusitania and Mauretania. They made many of the brass fittings for the Titanic and Olympic. These included the Titanic's bells and Gothic patterned windows for the ship's bars and dining rooms.

Thomas Utley and his wife Jane were invited to sail on Titanic's maiden voyage. They are said to have declined because Jane had a premonition of the ship's fate.

Accession numbers 1988.229.2 and 1988.229.3