Accessing the Resource Assessment Chapters - volume 2

Old rusted metal and slate huts with mountains in the distance

Slate quarry at Honister, Cumbria © Gill Chitty

The Resource Assessment is arranged in five period chapters, each compiled from the work of a specialist period group co-ordinated by a period specialist.

  • Prehistoric Period: John Hodgson (Lake District National Park archaeologist) and Mark Brennand (Cumbria County Council)
  • Romano-British Period: Rob Philpott (National Museums Liverpool)
  • Early Medieval Period: Rachel Newman (Oxford Archaeology North)
  • Medieval Period: Caron Newman (Egerton Lea Consultancy)
  • Post-Medieval and Industrial and Modern Periods: Robina McNeil (Greater Manchester archaeologist) and Richard Newman


Each chapter represents the collated and edited contributions from multiple authors and contributors following widespread consultation and invitations to participate or contribute.