Connect at Calderstones

ancient standing stone carved with a spiral pattern

In 2015 archaeologists from the Museum of Liverpool worked with The Reader Organisation to engage local people in investigating Calderstones Park’s long and varied past. A series of archaeological events took place at Calderstones Park during the spring and summer as part of the 'Connect at Calderstones' project.

'Connect at Calderstones' is a project led by The Reader Organisation to engage the public with the local heritage of Calderstones Park. It is part of a Heritage Lottery Fund bid to restore the Grade II listed Calderstones Mansion House in Calderstones Park and provide a new home for the Calder Stones.  Although the house dates from the 19th century, its name is centuries older and comes from six highly decorated megaliths, thought to be the remains of a Neolithic passage grave. 

The Calderstones, a scheduled ancient monument, have for the past 50 years been located within a park greenhouse and have somewhat fallen out of public consciousness.

Working closely with the Museum of Liverpool and other partners, The Reader Organisation wishes to re-engage people with their shared heritage through a community dig held in April-May 2015 as well as events, workshops and activities.

Further information

Download the full report to find out more about the dig:

You can read more about the project on the Caldies big dig blog and also the Museum of Liverpool blog.