Getting involved in archaeology locally

archaeologists showing visitors some finds from archaeology excavations

There are regular archaeology events at the Museum of Liverpool.

The Museum of Liverpool often recruits local people to be involved in community archaeology projects. Follow the Museum of Liverpool on facebook or on twitter to hear about our latest archaeological projects.

Merseyside Archaeological Society

The Merseyside Archaeological Society is an active local organisation which runs a programme of lectures and fieldtrips, publishes an annual journal and books, and which works with the Museum of Liverpool archaeology department on fieldwork projects. Interests range from the often-elusive remains of the prehistoric period to the iconic monuments of the industrial revolution in urban Liverpool.

Recently the society has been involved with the Rainford's Roots and Childwall Graveyard Survey projects.

Young Archaeologists’ Club

The Young Archaeologists’ Club is a national organisation which provides information and opportunities for children to engage in archaeology within their region.  

The Mersey and Dee Young Archaeologist's Club is hosted at the Museum of Liverpool, and runs events each month.

If you have any enquiries please email

Read our Young Archaeologists' Club blog posts to find out more.

What to do if you’ve found something 

The Museum of Liverpool archaeology department records and collects archaeological finds.  

If you have made a find you can report and record it through the Portable Antiquities Scheme.

If you’ve found something in Merseyside and are interested in recording or donating it to the museum, please contact Liz Stewart, Curator of Archaeology and the Historic Environment, Museum of Liverpool using this contact form.

Further information is on the regional archaeology collection page.