Leasowe Lighthouse

archaeologists excavating by the base of a lighthouse

"Many thanks for everything last week at Leasowe, my thanks to all the team for the patience shown. It was for me a magic week" Leasowe Lighthouse volunteer

In 2007 the Museum of Liverpool Archaeology Department ran a community excavation at Leasowe Lighthouse on behalf of Wirral Borough Council. The excavation explored the history of this iconic building, and remains of associated structures were discovered. 332 people participated in the project, and hundreds more visited the site to see what had been discovered!

A picture of Leasowe Lighthouse in 1900. Stood infront of the lighthouse are several men and women dressed in Victorian clothing. It's a sunny day.

Leasowe Lighthouse in 1900. Image courtesy of the Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse

Further information

An excavated floor, including some flat slates, that were found in a building next to the lighthouse.

The excavated brick floor and flat slates that were found on top