Lunt Meadows, Sefton

archaeologists collecting finds and marking out an excavation site

The earliest settlers

Around 8000 years ago as Britain was becoming the island that we recognise today the earliest people living here were hunter-gatherers in what is known as the Mesolithic period. Evidence for where they lived is widespread in Britain and many sites have been archaeologically excavated. However, good surviving evidence for how these people lived is restricted to a very few sites. The common view has been  that they were scattered nomadic people who lived in small groups with little evidence for them building substantial settlements. 

In the last ten years or so understanding of the period has begun to improve slowly with new discoveries that have modified this view. The most recent discovery in 2012-13 of rare 8,000 year old houses at Lunt Meadows, Sefton, north of Liverpool, is another important development in our understanding of a way of life that began to disappear about 6000 years ago with the introduction of farming into Britain.

Findings from excavations

Archaeological excavations at Lunt Meadows were commissioned and funded by the Environment Agency, supported by National Museums Liverpool ahead of the transformation of farmland in the Alt valley, Sefton into a wetland reserve and flood alleviation scheme.

Excavation of the site is not complete but the following outlines some of the more important interim conclusions about the site. Follow each link below to find out more. 


Blog posts

view of archaeological excavations at Lunt Meadows

Lunt Meadows opens to visitors

18 August

The nationally important Lunt Meadows prehistoric hunter-gatherer settlement has been under excavation for the last few years in a wetland nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust. Read more about Lunt Meadows opens to visitors

fields of long grass

Lunt Meadows – where history and archaeologists are made

12 August

In this guest blog post Sally Taylor describes her experience working with the Archaeology team from the Museum of Liverpool on a recent excavation: “For a non-professional archaeologist it can be difficult to find excavations without paying vast sums of money to join training digs. Read more about Lunt Meadows – where history and archaeologists are made

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