M62 Tarbock, Knowsley

illustration of prehistoric hunters in a forest

Evidence has been found for prehistoric hunter gatherers camping in the area about 7000 years 

An excavation in advance of the construction of a new link road at Junction 6 of the M62 motorway in 2007 revealed a multi-period site.

Next to a former stream channel Mesolithic hunter-gathers had made tools, and camped around 7000 years ago.

By the Iron Age farms had been built, and people were growing grain to eat, some has been carbon-dated to around 200 BC.

In the Romano-British period a farmstead was built, and fragments of roof-tile, some with Legionary stamps, are evidence of an early industry where local period were making materials for the Roman fortress at Chester.

For further information download 'A journey into the past. Archaeology at junction 6, Tarbock Roundabout'. Please note that this is a very large pdf.

fragment of an old earthenware tile with embossed lettering

A stamped Roman tile from the third consulship of Verus (167AD)