Museum of Liverpool regional archaeology collection

people sorting finds from archaeological excavations

The regional archaeology collection includes objects which date from the Mesolithic to the modern periods, and provide evidence about how life in Merseyside has changed through its long history.  

The wide-ranging collection reflects the changing landscape, settlement-pattern, lifestyles and experiences of people living in the region over the last 10,500 years.  

The collection is particularly strong in the areas of the region’s earliest communities, rural settlement, vernacular building recording and mercantile Liverpool.

We frequently add to the collection, including new material from commercial excavations, community archaeology projects and metal-detector finds.  The collection encompasses finds, paper and digital archives from excavations,  watching briefs, building recording and desk-based assessments.

Regional archaeology on display in the Museum of Liverpool

More than 700 items from the regional archaeology collection are display in the Museum of Liverpool, especially in the History Detectives, The Great Port and The People’s Republic galleries.  

Items from the collection have featured in past temporary exhibitions, including:

Items from the regional archaeology collection

Highlights from the regional archaeology collection, including many that are not usually on display, can be seen on the following pages about recent projects and finds:

To deposit an archaeological archive

The Museum of Liverpool is accepting archaeological archives from commercial excavations, building recording exercises, watching briefs, and desk-based assessments in Merseyside.

To arrange the deposition of an archive contact curator, Liz Stewart, using this contact form.  

The Society for Museum Archaeologists host information about museum collecting areas for archaeological archives.

To report a find

The Museum of Liverpool Archaeology department record and collect archaeological finds.  

If you have made a find, and would like to report and record it through the Portable Antiquities Scheme  you can contact the Finds Liaison Officer using this contact form.

Further information is also available on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website.

If you’ve found something in Merseyside and are interested in recording or donating it to the museum, please contact Liz Stewart, Curator of Archaeology and the Historic Environment, Museum of Liverpool using this contact form.