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Sir James Paul McCartney was born on 18 June 1942. Hardworking and prolific, he has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful composer in popular music history.

One of Paul’s most famous Beatle songs, ‘Yesterday’, is the most recorded song of all time and has been covered by Elvis and Frank Sinatra. It was composed under the working title, ‘Scrambled Eggs’ and he claims the melody came to him in a dream.

In the early Beatles years, Paul was extremely popular with the ladies and often labelled the ‘favourite’ Beatle. During his long engagement to Jane Asher the couple were regularly snapped driving around in their Aston Martin.

In 1969 Paul married the American photographer Linda Eastman. Since then Paul has been well known as a dedicated family man. Paul and Linda had three children together, Mary, Stella and James. Paul also adopted Linda’s daughter from her first marriage, Heather. The couple shared a love of the countryside, spending much of their time on a remote farm in Scotland away from the hassles of mega-stardom.

Paul famously insisted that Linda join his band Wings so that they could tour together. The couple were animal-rights activists and vegetarians, with Linda even launching a range of veggie foods. Tragically, Linda died of breast cancer in 1998. Paul and Linda were thought to have spent only a week apart in the whole of their marriage.

McCartney’s post-Beatle career has been diverse and wide-ranging. As well as the success of Wings with classics like ‘Live and Let Die’ and ‘Maybe I’m Amazed’, he has had numerous solo albums and collaborative hits including ‘Say, Say, Say’ with Michael Jackson and ‘Ebony and Ivory’ with Stevie Wonder. He has also undertaken several sell-out world tours.

In 2015 Paul was introduced to a whole new generation of fans when he collaborated on the single 'FourFiveSeconds' with Kanye West and Rihanna.

Paul has also dabbled in the film industry, writing and starring in ‘Give My Regards to Broad Street’ as himself, as well as making cameo appearances in a number of films - mainly as himself. He has also shown an interest in animation with the 1984 hit ‘We All Stand Together’ earning a BAFTA for its feature length video starring Rupert the Bear and a cast of singing frogs. It has recently been featured on a DVD of animated shorts which includes his latest creation, Wirral the Squirrel in ‘Tropical Island Hum’.

Paul has written several acclaimed classical pieces, including ‘Liverpool Oratorio’ and ‘Standing Stone’. He is also the lead patron of Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts - this dream project saw the transformation of his old derelict school into a fame academy for talented performers to perfect their craft.

In 2002 the Walker Art Gallery hosted a major exhibition of Paul McCartney paintings.

Paul continues to make new records and play live music, his most recent world tour saw him return to Liverpool in May 2015. His youngest daughter, Beatrice Milly, was born in 2003 to his second wife Heather Mills, a former model and anti-landmines campaigner. Paul married Nancy Shevell in 2011.

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