Coinage values

While there is a well established system of coinage in the Roman empire, the value of coins and the composition of metals used to make them change over time as the economy shifted.

In the 2nd century AD there was inflation across the Roman Empire, and metals used for coinage became more debased, a 'silver' denarii containing only about 50% silver by the end of the century. So the coins of the earlier Malpas Hoard would have held more value when they were in use than those of the Knutsford Hoard which dates some 200 years later.

  • Aureus (gold) = 25 denarii
  • Denarius (silver) = 2 quinarii
  • Quinarius (silver) = 2 sestertii
  • Sestertius = 2 duopndii
  • Dupondius = 2 asses
  • As (copper) = 2 semiasses
  • Semis (copper)    = 2 quadrantes