Lost and found... and found again

old photo of stacked carved stones

Pile of Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture in the Rectory garden, 1909. © Trustees of the British Museum.

8 Jun 2017 - 11 Sep 2017
Free exhibition, no booking required

The story of a re-discovered Anglo-Saxon find and evidence for Merseyside’s earliest use of pottery found during the recent excavations at Bromborough, Wirral, told of a long history of human activity in the area.

Plans to build new housing in the village of Bromborough, Wirral, led to an excavation in 2016 which unearthed fascinating archaeological evidence. A team of archaeologists from the Museum of Liverpool had been given permission by the landowners of the site to excavate on the site before building works started. Finds suggest there was a Neolithic /Bronze Age settlement around 6000 years ago. An amazing and rare fragment of Anglo-Saxon sculpture was also re-discovered and was on display along with other finds from the site.

This former display featured items from the Museum of Liverpool's collections. Find out more about the Regional Archaeology collections.