Herbert - a life in bling

suits in museum display
20 Oct 2017 - 31 Jan 2018
Free exhibition, no booking required

Herbert Howe, 1944 – 2016

"Herbert was a showman – someone who was born to be seen AND heard. And we all saw him from miles away, courtesy of his incredible, beyond colourful clothes!"

Liverpool Echo, 2016

Legendary 'King of Bling' Herbert Howe was a much loved Liverpool personality. As well as an award winning hairdresser, he was also a radio show host, reality TV star, charity fundraiser, actor and even a pantomime dame!

Herbert trained thousands of hair stylists in the city. His extensive charity work, including the charity he founded in memory of his mother Queenie, helped countless people in Liverpool, the city that he loved.

Herbert sadly passed away 20 October 2016.

This display, which featured four of his favourite suits, celebrated his life and commemorated the first anniversary of his death.

Suits lent by Herbert of Liverpool.