40 years of Grange Hill

cartoon styale graphics of scenes from school life, from the Grange Hill opening credits

Artwork by Bob Cosford www.eyedreampictures.co.uk

7 Sep 2018 - 24 Feb 2019
Free exhibition, no booking required

Grange Hill was a ground breaking BBC children’s series which ran from 8 February 1978 until 15 September 2008, a total of 31 series. This display marks the 40th anniversary since it was first screened.

The series was written and produced by Phil Redmond, originally based on his own Liverpool school days. He set ‘Grange Park’, which would eventually become ‘Grange Hill’, at a local comprehensive school in the fictional borough of ‘Northam’ in London.

This display explores the programme’s direct link to Liverpool through writer Phil Redmond, and the impact and influence of often explosive storylines to generations of children who are now grown up.

The display includes a number of unique objects from Phil Redmond’s personal Grange Hill archive.