There She Goes

Cover of book 'There She Goes' with boys in a Liverpool cityscape
24 Nov 2019
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Free drop-in event, no need to book
Education area 3, first floor

Toxteth. Tories. Militant. Heroin. Heysel. Hillsborough. James Bulger. A city in crises?

Liverpool was once one of the greatest cities in the British empire but it no longer feels like it is in England, if it ever did. It had retreated as a significant port after the Second World War and by 1979 it was already on the brink. What it needed was support but instead, a Conservative Party with aggressive new ideas allowed it to slide.

Thirty years after the Toxteth Riots, classified government papers revealed that the prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, was urged to abandon the city and embark on a programme of 'managed decline'. Why did Liverpool’s fortunes change so dramatically? Why did it fight back when other cities did not?

Join Simon Hughes, author of 'There She Goes' to hear the untold story of what it was like for Liverpool’s people and how the period defines who they are.

Copies of the book will be on sale from the museum shop.