Bottle Your Culture

21 March to 28 July 2002

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

3 large clear plastic sweet jar style bottles containing various items of memorabilia

Bottle Your Culture was one of the most imaginative cultural audits Liverpool has ever seen, celebrating the life of the city and its residents. It formed the heart of the city's bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2008.

School children, local businesses, celebrities and community groups all bottled their culture to create a unique work of art. Symbols of Liverpool life filled the bottles, from the sands of the Mersey to smiling family photos, from football memorabilia to dancing shoes. Each told a tale of our wonderful city.

Kick-started by the Leader of the City Council, Mike Storey, in June 2001, the thousands of participants were tasked with making each bottle into a work of art in its own right as well as a personal representation of what Liverpool culture means to them.

They were also asked to complete a bottle tag to describe what was in the bottle and why. The result was a stunning exhibition of the personal feelings of Liverpool people and what they think is important about the city's culture.

Bid chief Sir Bob Scott said:

"We have been overwhelmed with the diversity and imagination shown in this project. The bottles perfectly express the greatness of our city, its past, present and its aspiration for the future.

"This project has been a key element in defining the culture of Liverpool. Each one demonstrates a wealth of natural creativity among the people of Liverpool and as a collection they are truly magnificent."

After the Museum of Liverpool Life exhibition closed the bottles went on display in selected venues throughout the city.