First World War

Charity and Liverpool's Home Front

17 June to 21 December 2016

This exhibition has closed

A small boy dressed in uniform sells charity flowers to a policeman

First World War fundraising © Mary Evans Picture Library

This was the second exhibition in the Museum of Liverpool’s First World War series, with a new special display for 2016, focusing on charity during the War period. 

Memories Lost exhibition

20,000 men's lives were lost on the first day of the Somme on 1 July 1916. The details of those killed during the course of the First World War are fairly well documented. The fate of the men who survived, often with terrible injuries or long lasting mental trauma is not so well recorded.

Memories Lost explored the work of some of the charity organisations formed at this time, who gave much needed assistance to the returning soldiers and their families, and also looked at how those charities are still carrying out essential work today.

First World War charity flag pins

First World War charity flag pins

Charity street collectors during the First World War gave flag pins as a 'thank you' gift.

This online collections includes charity flag pins from the exhibition as well as others that were not on display.

See the charity flag pins online collection.

group of men during the First World War

More than 16,000 articles of part-worn clothing were allocated to prisoners in Britain and Germany. Liverpool’s British Red Cross also sent out several tons of basic food supplies.