In the Picture!

Paul McEvoy, photograph by Chris Rydowski

Paul McEvoy, photograph by Chris Rydowski

Museum of Liverpool Life

22 November 2004 – 4 January 2005

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

In the Picture! was held as part of Liverpool’s annual DaDaFest (Disability and Deaf Arts Festival).

The North West Disability Arts Forum invited Disabled and Deaf people to have their photograph taken by Chris Rydowski, a Disabled professional photographer, at the Empire Theatre on 26 June 2004.

The aim of NWDAF was to produce pictures that depicted the fullness of our lives and focused on us as real, ordinary citizens who just happen to also be proud Disabled or Deaf people. We get fed up with mainstream images that show us as sad, isolated, tragic and suffering.

People attended from all ages and backgrounds, from the youngest aged 5, to older people who would rather not give their age!

The project was funded by Liverpool City Council Equalities Department and Liverpool Culture Company. Peter Ogunsiji, a local Disabled creative artist, is the exhibition’s curator.