David Jacques: As if in a dream dreamt by another

24 October 2003 - 3 May 2004

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

painting of a man

'Francesco Gerado Baccino from Italy'

Liverpool-based artist David Jacques staged this exciting exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool Life featuring 13 painted banners with life-sized images of real people.

'David Jacques: As if in a dream dreamt by another' continues David's fascination with issues surrounding the movement of peoples - including depopulation, immigration and emigration. These are themes which the artist has revisited over more than 15 years in an international career which has seen him working and exhibiting in Britain, Mexico, USA, Germany, Ireland and Spain.

David had just returned from a residency at the Fire Station Artists Studio, Dublin before this exhibition, which explores true Liverpudlian migrant stories through the banners and related family photographs and taped interviews.

David - the son of Liverpool writer/broadcaster Brian Jacques - says:

"This sort of involvement with history is vital to me. It's by recognising that we all possess the potential for interpreting and shaping history that it can be prevented from becoming fossilised.

"In the instance of this project, I'd argue that the stories and images given to me come from sources long ignored in certain 'official' histories. In that respect they're challenging, moving and resonant."

The title of the exhibition comes from 'A Seventh Man' by John Berger, a 1970s study of conditions experienced by Turkish migrants working in Germany. Images were taken from standard family photographs belonging to relatives of migrants who came to Liverpool.