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Video transcripts

Transcripts of video interviews with two of the artists featured in the Liverpool Love exhibition, Chris Bracey and Shauna Richardson.

Watch both videos on the exhibition homepage.

Chris Bracey

Chris: "I always get that same fantastic, amazing sensation when it first lights up, you know, it's like neon is like visual cocaine. You look at it, you can't stop looking at it, you get a hit from it, and it's just incredible.

I used to work in a graphic arts studio in Soho and there was one guy who did all the drawings and I thought, I've got to wait for him to die before I get my chance. My dad did fairground art and circus signs in bulbs and neon so I worked through him to learn the trade. Then I went back to Soho, and of course the clubs were really dingy, dirty, tatty and all run by gangsters. I wanted to do one strip club just to show them how it should be done and I was the first person to use the phrase 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. I was like public enemy to the council, they really didn't like me because I just used to go in there at night and transform these buildings.

The thing is with neon is it's a creature of the night, it comes to life at night and that's where neon lives, in the dark.

Every big thing that's gone in a hundred years you can bet your bottom dollar there's a neon light involved in there somewhere.

You've got Neon, Argon, Xenon, Helium, Krypton gases."

Christian: "I love that pink up there as well."

Chris: "Yeah that's [unclear] pink that one.

As soon as it was to do with Liverpool and love, for me it just had to be The Beatles. My piece with The Beatles comes together, I've used neon so we're carrying on the tradition, the 102 year tradition of using neon in an iconic show come together.

I paint with light, I suppose. I'm the light writer."

Shauna Richardson

Shauna: "Crochetdermy evolved out of a conceptual art practice and really it came out of the theory that anything can be art. 

I use one really simple crochet stitch and I just use it in different directions to highlight anatomy. So I kind of just crochet the skin directly onto the solid form. 

I was asked to do an alternative royal portrait by The Guardian and that was my response. How did I think of Prince Harry as a ginger baboon? Erm took me forever. William was a white horse that I did which was kind of for the wedding. Kate was a lioness head.

I made Red Rum because it's a very strong symbol of Liverpool and obviously this show is about Liverpool and Red Rum is buried at the finishing line at Aintree, I thought that was quite a nice strong symbol.

The eyes and the jaws all come from the states. That's a baboon jaw, that's the same as I used for Prince Harry.

Christian: "Where's this going next, can you show me?" 

Shauna: "That one is going into number 10. 

They're extremely accessible so people sort of get them."