Living It Up: the tower block story

12 February to 14 June 2005

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

View of Liver Building from Ellison Tower, Everton
© Photography by Guy Woodland

Visitors could gain a new perspective on high-rise living during this former exhibition.

Tower blocks are one of the most controversial housing schemes of the last century. While many blocks have been demolished, others have fostered a powerful community of tenants, who have fought to have them retained and refurbished.

Since 1993 the Liverpool Housing Action Trust (HAT) have worked with the residents of 5337 properties in 67 tower blocks on an ambitious twelve-year project to improve the environmental, housing and social conditions of their areas. This is their story.

‘Living It Up’ was illustrated with a series of striking photographs, including views of the city centre from tower blocks that have since been demolished.

Visitors to the exhibition were invited to ‘experience’ high-rise living for themselves in a reconstruction of a living room from a flat. The room contained many original objects from Sheil Park, including a sofa, the intercom, a fireplace and signs from the lift.

Visitors could also find out more about tenants’ activism and involvement with the HAT by exploring a typical tenant representative’s office.

Tenantspin is a community-led internet TC channel co-managed by high-rise tenants, HAT and the Foundation for Arts and Creative Technologies (FACT). As part of their fourth birthday celebrations they presented a series of webcast discussions about Liverpool’s tower blocks to compliment the Living It Up exhibition.