Meet the roundhouse residents

man wearinga long cloak and traditional simple clothing

David Freeman in Romano-British
clothing © David Freeman

Loyd Grossman went back in time to ask "Who lives in a roundhouse like this?"  Meet the museum's roundhouse residents, Eluned and Broccus, in this short video of his visit .

    Transcript of the video

    [View of Loyd Grossman standing outside the reconstructed roundhouse]

    Loyd: "Well this dwelling is an exemplar of good, solid, no nonsense Iron Age architecture... [gestures toward roundhouse] the rustic yet functional wattle and daub walls... the low level front door... and this marvellous long straw thatched roof."

    [Loyd Grossman voice over as the camera explores inside the roundhouse]

    Loyd: "Looking inside, someone here has a love of the outdoors and hunting... just look at the intricately painted animal figures on the walls.

    Cooking is obviously very important to whoever lives here. An open hearth to cook on and it seems that they even grind their own wheat to make bread.

    This strange looking contraption is a weaving loom with which to make your own clothes... so who ever lives here is probably a rather snappy dresser... dedicated followers of fashion I'm sure!

    These every day, hand crafted, pots seem to be of Romano-British origin... so we might be getting a little closer to who actually does live here."

    [View of Loyd Grossman stood outside the door of the roundhouse]

    Loyd: "It may be that these dwellers are Living with the Romans. Now that you've seen the evidence... Who lives in a roundhouse like this? It's over to you."

    [Broccus and Elonid, dressed in Romano-British clothing, emerge from the door of the roundhouse]

    Broccus: "Hello, I'm Broccus"

    Elonid: "And I'm Elonid"

    Broccus: "We are members of the Brigantes tribe and we'd like to welcome you anytime to our humble abode. You can visit our village any day so long as it is after we've done our morning chores."

    Elonid: "Yes, come along and see us at the Museum of Liverpool Life and see what it is like to be Living with the Romans."