Liverpool & Hong Kong Reflections

7 April to 2 July 2017

This exhibition has closed

man and woman in supermarket

Chung Wah Supermarket, Liverpool, C1986 © Martin Parr

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What is it about a city that shapes us? How is the character and fabric of these fast moving spaces constructed?

This exhibition reflected on Liverpool and Hong Kong; their similarities and differences. Home to prosperous ports and bustling streets, both have long histories of exchange and redevelopment. They are places where new ideas flow in and out with ever changing populations.

Based in Hong Kong, Ho Fan's candid shots capture 'the decisive moment'. His work can be described as a collision of the unusual, framed against a background of urban geometry and texture. These images of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 60s echo Liverpool city life.

Ho Fan’s photographs were shown with a selection from Open Eye Gallery's archive. Chosen by illustrator and curator Charlotte Tsang, they reflected her memories of growing up in Liverpool as a second generation Hong Kong person.

This exhibition was developed by Open Eye Gallery with the Museum of Liverpool.

Part of LOOK/17 International Photography Festival.

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dramatic band of sunlight lighting people on a staircase 

Fan Ho, Sun Rays, Hong Kong, 1959, Courtesy of Blue Lotus Gallery, Hong Kong

young woman standing in front of a door with graffiti

Now and before

7 April - 14 May

British-Chinese photographer Yan Preston has produced a series of photographic portraits of Chinese people in Liverpool.

Whilst Liverpool is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe, her exhibition focused on a new community of expatriates who now live, study and work in Liverpool.

Now and before was shown at the Museum of Liverpool on the media wall in the Atrium, as part of LOOK/17 International Photography Festival.