Classic hairdryers at Andrew Collinge

15 May to 25 June 2007 (please note that these objects are no longer on display)

View from inside salon of people in the street looking in at the hairdryer in the window display

Museum of Liverpool on the road

Part of the 'on the road' programme, which toured objects to different locations while the Museum of Liverpool was constructed.

Former location: Andrew Collinge salon

Castle Street, Liverpool

Andrew Collinge’s newest salon hosted a display of three classic hairdryers. Andrew Collinge said:

"I'm proud to be a patron of National Museums Liverpool and am delighted to offer our flagship Castle Street salon as a venue for the On the Road project."

Further details about the Castle Street salon are available on the Andrew Collinge website.

Objects: Classic hairdryers

Hairdryers for use in the salon and at home were first developed in the early 1920s. They were made of metal with wooden handles and were heavy and uncomfortable to use.

Since then hairdryer design has transformed over time, largely influenced by changing fashions and society. The models on display are examples of the many different shapes and designs available.