Ronson 66 hairdryer

Accession number 1985.642.2

Box shaped hairdryer with hood in original cardboard packaging labelled 'Ronson 66 hairdryer'. Three photos inside the lid show a woman assembling the hairdryer, putting on the hood and pressing the button to operate it.

The Ronson 66, made in the 1960s, is a hood-type hairdryer. The dryer unit could be hung over the shoulder like a handbag leaving your hands free to carry out tasks such as ‘preparing a meal, cleaning or relaxing in front of the television!’

Pauline Rushton, the original owner, was given the Ronson 66 by her aunt Maureen. Pauline didn't use it very much as she explains:

"It was absolutely useless as a dryer because my hair was too long and usually too wet for it to be effective. Added to that, you couldn't actually move more than three feet away from the plug due to the short length of flex.

I seem to remember that I used to watch TV while using it, but because of the noise the dryer made you couldn't really hear the sound of the TV and so had to lip-read what was happening on screen!"