Victorain memorabilia at the 'Phantasmagoria' exhibition

The following objects were loaned to the exhibition as part of the 'on the road' programme, which toured objects to different locations while the Museum of Liverpool was constructed.

Codman's Punch and Judy Theatre is now on display in the Wondrous Place gallery at the Museum of Liverpool.

Location: 'Phantasmagoria: escaping reality in Victorian England' exhibition

Grosvenor Museum, Chester

20 October 2007 to 6 January 2008 (please note that this exhibition has now closed)

The Victorian period was a time of tremendous industry and endeavour, so what better way to ease the physical and mental strains of the hectic world than to embrace the freedoms and ever advancing opportunities of escapism. This exhibition (which has now closed) demonstrated how the Victorians used progress both to advance in the world and to retreat further into their imaginations.

Further details are available on the Grosvenor Museum website.

Objects: various Victorian memorabilia

Follow the links below to see four of the items that were loaned to the exhibition from the Museum of Liverpool's collections.

A political poster relating to funerals within the large Irish community in Liverpool 1867 (not illustrated) was also on loan.