Promotional leaflet for Mr Essler Kessen

Accession number MMM.1994.32.12

Leaflet with a small oval photo of a man's head in the top corner

Mr Henry Essler Kessen was a Liverpool entertainer and member of the Magic Circle. He was well known in the Liverpool area and was very popular at children's parties with his ventriloquist dummy Tommy Tucker. Later during the Second World War he entertained the troops.

The full text from this booklet reads:


In Humourous Stories, Sketches, Magical Problems, &c.
"A Feast of Humour."


Era: A wonderful card manipulator
Morning Post: Mystifying and clever.
Standard: An amusing and clever magician.
Morning Leader: A most entertaining and mystifying performance.
Glasgow Herald: One of our cleverest conjurors and ventriloquists.
Hertford Mercury: Made a tremendous success. He is one of the finest living sleight-of-hand artistes.
Liverpool Mercury: Special mention must be made of MR. ESSLER KESSEN, a smiling young magician, who, in the dark ages, would have been burned as a wizard, so far beyond mortal comprehension were his experiments.
Birkenhead News: MR. ESSLER KESSEN, the well-known conjuror and ventriloquist, was the success of the evening, with his brilliant illusions and ventriloquial sketches.
Liverpool Courier: All went on splendidly: the wonderful conjuring accomplished by MR ESSLER KESSEN attracting the greatest attention of the young folk, who crowded about the 20th century magician, with sparkling eyes and eager tongues, admiring, watching, and applauding.
Eastbourne Chronicle: MR. KESSEN'S conjuring experiments are strikingly original, and his skill with ordinary playing cards is almost miraculous. The majority of his effects, whilst being extremely clever, have a humorous element, and the short stories and witticisms so fascinate one, that the time seems all too short.
Belgian Gazette: MR ESSLER KESSEN, who has come to the front rank of his profession in such a short time, is a young conjuror with an immense repertoire of original and clever tricks, which he presents in a most graceful and gentlemanly manner. He is a marvellous card manipulator, and his illusions are perefect. Many of his tricks were so humorous that the audience were simply convulsed with laughter. Altogether he is one of the best entertainers we have seen.
Daily Post: Besides wonderful teas at which all tucked away ices, and creams, and cakes, there was wonderful conjuring and ventriloquism by MR. ESSLER KESSEN, who is certainly the Prince of Entertainers for children. It was the most delicious sight imaginable to see him surrounded by big boys and wee boys, and darling little girls, all guessing hard at the unguessable. Little hands shot out, little heads bobbed up, and shrill young voices challenged every movement he made in his tricks. And they were wrong every time, for the miraculous thing about MR. KESSEN is when you think you have "cornered" him, that is exactly and precisely the time he has "cornered" you. And there isn't any thinking about it either.


LORD DERBY: Thanks for your entertainment. It was splendid.
LORD AND LADY GORDON LENNOX: One of the most enjoyable entertainments we have had. The dove trick was most wonderful.
COUNTESS OF ABERDEEN: I wish specially to thank you, as I never enjoyed an entertainment better. It was splendid.
MARCHIONESS OF CHOLMONDESLEY: I must thank you for your splendid entertainment last Wednesday, which was so successful. Everyone was delighted with it.
LORD RIBBLESDALE: Wishes to thank MR. ESSLER KESSEN for a most enjoyable evening. The conjuring was wonderful.

Special Programmes suitable for Chamber Concerts, Popular Concerts, Receptions, Dinners, Children's Parties, Etc.
For Terms and Vacant Dates apply: Mr. Essler Kessen, 29, Wyresdale Road, Aintree, Liverpool.