Beyond this Place – the Leaving of Liverpool

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The River Mersey brought the world into the city, commodities from around the globe and people from every continent. The city teemed with those who stayed and made it their home. 

The transient nature of the seaport continues to shape ideas and attitudes. Generations have a connection to the sea, it’s in their blood, and like their forefathers that wanderlust has led to many leaving the city behind – to escape, for love, to follow their heart. 

Shirley Valentine dreamt of more fulfilling life, whist stardom and ambition took The Beatles to the showbiz capital, London. In 'The Fruit Machine' desperate measures force two Liverpool teenagers to leave. Here they can blend into the city’s fabric but beyond this place, will these Liverpudlians truly find what they are looking for?

"You can take the boy out of Liverpool, but you can’t take Liverpool out of the boy"
Paul McCartney, 1966

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