Big Dreams in the dirty city

film poster featuring a couple at Liverpool's waterfront

The Dressmaker, 1988. Courtesy of Film4

"I had a dream, I found myself in a dirty, sooty city... but I had a vision of unearthly beauty... and that’s why I was able to live at all. Liverpool is the pool of life."
Carl Gustav Jung, 1927

The Liverpool of popular imagination is of a city separate to England, outward looking, proud and resilient. It’s of a verbal city full of storytellers. A city of dreamers. 

Cinema allows us to escape into our dreams and imagination and many films set in Liverpool are about hopes and dreams – everyday stories of personal love, success, a better world or just more than this. At times, when all else fails, we fall back on those hopes and we imagine.

The Ealing comedy 'The Magnet' is the surreal tale of a young boy’s overvivid imagination taking him on a perilous journey from the comfort of his home in New Brighton to inner city Liverpool.

A young boy desperate to do the right thing and spread happiness and joy also underpins the enchanting fable of Frank Cottrell Boyce’s inventive 'Millions'. Whilst in 'Dancin' Thru the Dark' a bride-to-be is starkly confronted with her original hopes and dreams. 

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