Power to the People - writing the wrongs

film poster with pictures of protesters and the cast

Business As Usual, 1988

Filmgoers love the story of the underdog, fighting back against the inequalities of life, for justice and a better world. Liverpool: defiant, anti-authoritarian, bolshy and proud - and with a long tradition as a hotbed of radicalism - is a rich source of stories and inspiration. 

Freedom is at the core of the films in this section - political, sexual, class and personal. "God, what’s it like to be free?" questions Rita, dreaming of academic liberation, in Willy Russell’s bittersweet comedy drama 'Educating Rita'. Based on a true story, 'Business As Usual' focusses on the darker fight against sexual harassment. 

The city’s deep rooted spirit of resistance continues to shine through. For more than 50 years, filmmaker Ken Loach has focussed his lens on some of the hidden and forgotten stories of the city and its people – their fight for social justice, human rights and against political secrecy. 'Land And Freedom' champions the little known story of the hundreds of Liverpool men and women who fought against the fascists in the Spanish Civil War. Whilst 'Route Irish' exposes the commercial exploitation of war, this time in Iraq.

"If there was a revolution it would start in Liverpool"
Ken Loach, filmmaker, 2013

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