Terence Davies - the Liverpool auteur

film poster with 3 men of different ages

A Liverpool trilogy, 1976, 1980, 1983. Courtesy of Terence Davies

Writer and director Terence Davies is widely regarded as Britain’s greatest living filmmaker. For nearly 40 years, his personal and meticulously crafted films have captured identity, time and loss and he remains a unique and ambitious voice in British cinema.

Born in Kensington, Liverpool, to Catholic working class parents, and the youngest of ten children, all of Davies’ early films were heavily biographical. Sexual repression, Catholicism, childhood and family life amidst the raw working-class neighbourhood he grew up in were a fertile source of inspiration. 

With a distinctive and recognisable style and often structured around fragmented memory, his films are at times harrowing and bleak but also soulful, compassionate and hugely sentimental. His love of cinema and song are deeply rooted within his work, providing an escape from everyday reality.

"We love the place we hate, then hate the place we love. We leave the place we love, then spend a lifetime trying to regain it... Come closer now and see your dreams. Come closer now and see mine." 
Terence Davies, filmmaker, 2009

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