There's a Place - coming to Liverpool

leaflet featuring a couple holding a large teddy bear, autographed by David Morrissey

Don't Worry About Me, 2010. Courtesy of Tubedale Films

Arriving in Liverpool for the first time, many visitors express astonishment at the warmth of their welcome. For others, the city can feel insular, parochial and unforgiving. Even ex-patriots returning home can feel the place has changed and they don't belong anymore. 

Filmmakers love to exploit the drama of characters in an alien environment and Liverpool with such a strong and vivid identity, and often seen as completely separate to the rest of England, can perfectly capture those tensions.

This section of the exhibition spotlighted films where characters enter the cityscape for an answer, to find something, or someone. 'Web of Evidence' and 'The Reckoning' play on the melodramatic uncovering of wrongdoing, whilst psychological thrillers 'The Clouded Yellow' and 'I Thank A Fool'  reach dramatic climaxes in the city.   

"I was stunned when I first visited…the unexpected beauty…the faded grandeur of so many city buildings... I was also enchanted by the warmth, friendliness and humour of so many of the people I met."
Sarah Cohen, author, 2007 

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