film poster with the cast and Liverpool skyline

Letter To Brezhnev, 1985. Copyright Jamie Reid

For more than 300 years Liverpool has been a global powerhouse, transporting commodities, people and ideas into and out of the great port city. For the last 100 years, the grand entrance into the beating heart of this maritime metropolis has been its majestic waterfront - the Liver, Cunard and Port of Liverpool buildings. 

The waterfront has captivated filmmakers since the first pioneering days of cinema and continues to enthral, beguile and inspire. An edgy city - always moving, with endless possibilities and new horizons to discover - its seven miles of docks are a filmmaker’s playground and its dramatic waterfront skyline is often given star billing in film promotional posters, the unwritten slogan confirming that this is a Liverpool film. 

This waterfront is the gateway into the city and the thousands of stories it holds. This waterfront is the portal into the stories of Liverpool and the silver screen.

"If I were capable of painting in words the impression Liverpool made on my imagination, it would form a beautiful picture indeed! - that immense place, which stands like another Venice..."
Lord Erskine, 1853

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