With Hope in our Hearts

film poster featuring girl dressed as an angel

Under The Mud, 2009. Courtesy of Hurricane Films

This city of the sea brought migrants and travellers in their millions, hoping for a better life. Communities settled, their culture and traditions helping to shape the city’s identity, with faith and belief a core value. Though dominated by Christianity, Liverpool’s religious diversity is still apparent today.

Filmmakers and writers recognise the powerful role that faith plays in everyday life in the city, the comfort it can offer and the meaning it gives to life. But faith can also lead to conflict and struggle, both internal and with individuals and communities. 

Established and acclaimed writers Jimmy McGovern and Alan Bleasdale’s first feature films 'Priest' and 'No Surrender', confront religious conflict and tolerance. Whilst in Hurricane Films' 'Under the Mud' and Carl Hunter and Frank Cottrell Boyce’s 'Grow Your Own', both created in collaboration with local community groups, the spirit of hope, belief and reconciliation shines through. 

"The cathedral seemed to be the only place outside of Anfield where people could come together that day to express their corporate grief... the people of Liverpool really came together." 
Tony Zeverona, Hillsborough tragedy, 2014

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