Finding a Safe Place

Display of children’s artwork, 30 September 2005 to 15 January 2006

Photo of children releasing balloons

Children release prayer balloons during refugee week 2005. © Copyright EMTAS, reproduced with kind permission

To celebrate Refugee Week in June 2005, the Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service (EMTAS), part of Liverpool Education Service, launched an art competition in Liverpool’s primary and secondary schools. The subject of the work revolved loosely around the Refugee Week theme of Persecution, including images depicting children’s interpretation of ‘Finding A Safe Place’

Pupil’s work focused on:

  • Why people are forced to flee their homes
  • What makes a safe place
  • Where you go if you want to feel safe
  • How we can welcome refugees to our country and schools

Ten of the best entries were on show at the former Museum of Liverpool Life in this special display for Black History Month. You can see them using the links below.

An introduction to Refugee Week

Nobody wants to be a refugee in a strange land, but sometimes people have to run from their homes as they face torture, imprisonment or even death.

Refugee Week is a nationwide festival celebrating the great contribution made by refugees to life in the UK, which also promotes understanding of why people become refugees. Further information is available from the Refugee Week website.

During Refugee Week 2005 many art, cultural and educational events took place across Liverpool.

The events arranged by EMTAS included a balloon race where the children of Greenbank Primary School released over 200 balloons, with prayers and special thoughts attached. Special assemblies, lessons and drama performances also took place throughout Liverpool’s schools during Refugee Week to explore 2005’s theme of Persecution.

Contributing schools

EMTAS would like to thank the following schools for their wonderful contributions to the Refugee Week art competition:

  • St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School
  • Smithdown Primary School
  • Greenbank Primary School
  • Longmoor Community Primary School
  • Abbots Lea School
  • St Benedict’s Catholic College