Letter from Astrid to Millie, 21 May 1962

At first Astrid wrote to Millie nearly every day. In this letter she writes about celebrating her birthday without Stuart.

"the night before my birthday I have been to the club where The Beatles playing, because I was sad and miserable 12 o'clock The Beatles played happy birthday to Astrid and Paul gave me a little packet in newspaper."

Her delay in returning Stuart's things and her failure to visit when she came to Liverpool the following year hurt Millie deeply.

Astrid continued to work as a photographer with The Beatles.

First page of handwritten letter, dated 21.5.62', addressed to 'My dear mum'

Second page of handwritten letter

Last page of handwritten letter, signed 'Your little Astrid xxx' with a drawing of a flower

Photographs © Astrid Kirchherr / K&K.

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