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Tales from the city

13 October 2017 to 31 March 2019
Tales from the city exhibition
resource area with beanbags, child-height table and things to do

Resource area

In this area you can get dressed up, strike a pose with Lily Savage, or just relax on a beanbag and enjoy reading biographies of local LGBT+ people including Paul O’Grady, Holly Johnson, Marc Almond and Caroline Paige. You will also find many other books about LGBT+ art, history, and culture.

For our younger visitors and their grown ups we also have books which champion diversity such as:

  • 'And Tango Makes Three', a delightful story of two male penguins who adopt a baby penguin together.
  • 'Donovan's Big Day', following the title character as fulfils an important job at his mums' wedding.
  • 'I’m a Girl', a moving tale of a fast and spontaneous girl who is always mistaken for being a boy.

And many more! Enjoy.

LGBT+ themed books and feather boas on book shelves in the resource area

© Pete Carr

woman reading stories to children in the resource area

© Dave Jones

men dressed in hats and feather boas in the resource area

© Pete Carr