The end of the line

60 years since Liverpool's last tram
From 14 September 2017

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The development of tram systems was pioneered in the UK in Birkenhead in 1860. In 1868 the first official trams ran on the streets of Liverpool. Originally pulled by horses, by 1902 most of the system had been electrified.

For more than 80 years trams transported millions of people in and around Liverpool. They were considered cheap and reliable, yet noisy and often rickety. Many people fondly remember the routes and numbers of the trams they took to work, went courting on or travelled to school on – do you?

The advent of buses and private cars led to the demise of the tram system and it was closed down in 1957. On 14 September 1957 Liverpool’s trams paraded through the streets for the last time.

This display of photographs marks 60 years since Liverpool's last tram.

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You might also be interested in reading about the conservation of Tramcar 245 from our land transport collection.


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Also on display

You can also see the recently restored Tramcar 245 at Wirral Transport Museum.


End of the line

End of the Line is a new exhibition that has opened at the Museum of Liverpool, celebrating 60 years since the last tram parade in the city.

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