From There to Here

portrait photo of three performers from the Wicked Fish creative arts company

Jane Fradley, Nicola Brooks and Neil Bramwell from Wicked Fish © Mark McNulty/Wicked Fish

2 May to 13 July 2014

Please note that this exhibition has now closed

The hidden history of People with Learning Difficulties in Merseyside

Wicked Fish is a performing and creative arts company, based in Liverpool. The core company comprises five Disabled People, three of whom are performers who have Learning Difficulties.

Wicked Fish, along with participants from Moving On With Life and Learning, an organisation dedicated to promoting social inclusion for People with Learning Disabilities, created this exhibition. Wicked Fish explain more:

"In this exhibition we explored the changing family, social and cultural history of People who have Learning Difficulties in Merseyside over the past 100 years. It was part of our larger, two-year project People Like Us, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The experiences of People with Learning Difficulties are often excluded from history, so we wanted to explore and celebrate our history and culture with everybody.

The starting point for the project was ‘My first day at school’, something everyone has in common. Participants from Wicked Fish and Moving On With Life and Learning told their own stories – stories which will form an important permanent archive.

We researched historic public records to find out more about the lives of People with Learning Difficulties in Liverpool in the past. Actors from Wicked Fish presented short performances during the exhibition, inspired by these stories.

We also made radio programmes, a new website and created blogs so that as many people as possible can find out about our history.

Find out more… we hope you enjoyed our exhibition."