City Soldiers

visitor looking at display of medals in City Soldiers gallery

The City Soldiers gallery tells the story of the King's Regiment - one of Britain's oldest regiments, created in 1685, and Liverpool's regiment since 1881.

Follow the history of the regiment in the gallery. It is a story of full time professional soldiers and part time volunteers, family life and ceremony. Members of the regiment have served in two world wars, in Asia, Africa, America and Ireland. You can also try on hats and helmets, listen to a soldier's own words and research your own military family history.

In 2006 the King's Regiment became part of the new Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, the infantry regiment of the North West. Soldiers in the new regiment continue to be called 'Kingsmen'.

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Research and resources

Find out how to research a past member of the King's Regiment on this website. Our research section includes details of the records we hold as well as information about other useful sources. You can also use our interactive to help identify medals.