Beth Tweddle

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The former displays in the Wondrous Place gallery have now closed. The exhibition Double Fantasy - John and Yoko is now in the Wondrous Place gallery.

Locker Stories display

Beth Tweddle won a place in the record books as Britain's first World and European gymnastic champion. At London 2012, in the last Olympic appearance of her gymnastic career, she won a bronze medal on the uneven bars. She loaned several key items to the former Locker Stories display in the Wondrous Place gallery.

medal with embossed gymnasts

Hard work and skill have put Beth (born 1985) at the top of her game. Her potential was recognised at the age of seven and she was soon referred to the Park Road Gymnastics Club, a centre of excellence in Toxteth, Liverpool, where she trains six days a week.

The asymmetric bars are considered Beth's best event, but it was 'on floor' where she took World gold for the second time in 2009. In 2010 she received an MBE and won two gold medals at the European Championships.

"You can either achieve perfection or go splat on your face." Beth Tweddle, 2009

Beth spoke to us in 2012 when she was preparing for the Olympic Games in London:


"Hi I'm Beth Tweddle, I'm a World champion gymnast. I'm here today at the Walker Art Gallery doing a photo shoot with one of the magazines. I've lived in Liverpool for seven years now, I moved here for university and to do my training in Toxteth.

I absolutely love Liverpool, I first started training here when I was 12 years old and then I moved here for university and to train. I definitely don't want to move away from the city in the next couple of years, I've bought a place here it feels like home, everyone is so friendly and I just love it when I see the signs saying 'Welcome back to Liverpool'.

I've donated a few items to the Museum of Liverpool so they've got a section, a locker, about myself and about my training. In there is a leotard that I wore when I won silver medal at the European Championships, one of my medals when the Liverpool team won the British title and also some of the hand guards and gym shoes which is what I use for every day in training.

If you want to see some of my items in the locker then go down to the Wondrous Place gallery down in the Museum of Liverpool and you'll be able to check it all out."

Please note that these items are not currently on display.