Cavern business card, Bob Wooler

Double Fantasy - John and Yoko exhibition

The former displays in the Wondrous Place gallery have now closed. The exhibition Double Fantasy - John and Yoko is now in the Wondrous Place gallery.

Business card with text on a black background

The Cavern on Mathew Street began life as a jazz club, but held its first official 'beat' night in May 1960.

It was a basement venue made up of three brick arches. One was for the cloakroom and box office, one for the stage and one for dancing.

Cavern DJ Bob greeted regulars with the phrase "Welcome to the Best of Cellars!" He was a trusted friend of all the local beat groups and often advised The Beatles. He predicted great things for the group, even in 1961, well before they had a record contract Bob declared that

"The Beatles are the stuff that screams are made of. I don't think anything like them will happen again."

His card reads:

'Bob Wooler
Dee Jay Compere
The Cavern
Tel Central 1591'

Accession number MMM.1992.152.1.078272